Rebates & Incentives

Energy Star Appliances for Residential Customers

Energy Star appliances save you energy and money! Products that have an Energy Star label have achieved the highest rating a product can earn for energy efficiency. By purchasing an Energy Star rated appliance, you will use less energy, save money on your electric bill, and help reduce pollution! Look for the Energy Star label on all kinds of electrical equipment.

Residential customers of Moose Lake Water Power are eligible for these rebates. Rebates apply to new Energy Star rated appliances only.

Apply for Rebate

Applying for a rebate is easy! Just fill out a Rebate Form (PDF) and send it back, along with your dated sales receipt, within one year of your purchase of an Energy Star rated appliance. It's that easy.

Qualifying Models

To view a list of all qualifying models, visit the Energy Star website or look for the Energy Star label when purchasing appliances. Energy Star appliances are available at appliance retailers in Moose Lake and nationwide.

Rebate Amounts for Different Products

  • Central Air Conditioner: $300
  • Clothes Washer: $100
  • Dehumidifier: $50
  • Dishwasher: $75
  • Refirgerator; $125
  • Freezer: $75
  • Smart Thermostat: $25.00
  • Room Air Conditioner: $75
  • LED bulbs: $2 each (no limit)
  • Electric Water Heater: $200 (Must replace a non-controlled with a 105-gallon or larger off-peak water heater; energy factor of 0.9 or higher)
  • Electronically Commutated Furnace Motor (ECM): $100

You will receive a credit on your utility bill for the qualifying residential rebate. On top of these amazing savings, if you are charged a disposal fee for getting rid of your old appliance, make sure to get a receipt and you could get up to $40 back! This is not offered on all products. Please see the Rebate Form (PDF) for details.

Moose Lake Power customers may not receive more than one rebate per type of appliance within a five-year period. Multiple rebates may be received in one year for different types of appliances. All equipment must be installed in facilities that are served electrically by Moose Lake Water and Light Commission. 

Commercial Rebates

We also offer commercial rebates for local businesses! Contact Moose Lake Power at 218-485-4100 for commercial rebates and forms.