Electrical Safety Tips

Inside Your Home

  • Never run an extension cord under a rug or other heavy objects.
  • Never plug one extension cord into another one to make it longer.
  • Never plug more than two items into a single electrical outlet.
  • Discard frayed or malfunctioning plugs and cords.
  • Cover unused outlets to prevent a child from inserting fingers or other items, causing electric shock.
  • All large appliances should be grounded. Check your ground fault circuit interrupters regularly.
  • Unplug and store your appliances and electronics when not in use.

Outside Your Home

  • Never play with electrical boxes.
  • Only use outdoor rated cords for outdoor electronics and appliances.
  • Protect outlets by keeping them covered when not in use to shield them from the elements.
  • Keep leaves and other debris from outdoor lighting, outlets, and power cords.
  • Remember that power cords are for short term use only, and not a power replacement solution.
  • Call 911 to report a damaged power line or other major electrical disasters.