Budget Billing

Our budget billing plan allows you to keep your monthly payments steady over the course of a year through a fixed payment each month. With this payment plan, you will not experience the normal fluctuations that occur during the summer and winter months. Signup is only available from August 1st to August 31st each year.


To be eligible for budget billing, you must:

  • Have a 12-month billing history at your current location
  • Be current in your utility payments for the last 12 months
  • Agree to pay the full budget amount each and every month by the due date
  • Agree that any payment less than the budget amount will be subject to shut-off
  • Agree that if shut-off for non-payment, the account is not eligible for budget billing for a calendar year
  • Agree that budget billing accounts are ineligible for time extensions or payment agreements
  • Agree that if the account has a debit balance, that balance, along with the current bill, will be due the 15th of the month following the bill date

Budget Billing accounts will be reviewed and settled in August of each year

     If your account has a credit balance:

  • that balance will either be used to calculate the next year's budget (which can lower your monthly payment)
  • or will be applied to the account in the September billing

     If your account has a balance owed:

  • the outstanding balance due along with the current bill amount will be due in full in the September billing

Moose Lake Power reserves the right to make adjustments to the monthly budget billing amount and will contact the Customer prior to any changes

     To sign up online for Budget Billing, submit our online Budget Billing Request Form.