Economic Development

The mission of the Moose Lake Economic Development Authority (EDA) is to take an active role in attracting new businesses to the community, retaining existing businesses, assisting businesses with expansion, and enabling rehabilitation and/or redevelopment of areas within the community. The goal of work activities by the EDA is to grow the local economy through focused efforts that stimulate economic investment and grow prosperity in the City of Moose Lake.

The Moose Lake EDA is a public body governed by Mn. Stat. 469 and enabling resolution by the Moose Lake City Council. The membership of the EDA is composed of five (5) members, including three (3) at-large and two (2) Council members who are appointed by the City Council. The EDA meets monthly and is a five-member volunteer commission.

The Moose Lake EDA has staff support through the Administrative Department and the City Administrator acting as the Moose Lake EDA Director. The Moose Lake EDA meets the third Wednesday of every month at 12:00 p.m. in the Moose Lake City Hall Council Chambers.

Available Commercial Properties

EDA Documents

Moose Lake Small Area Plan

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For additional information on the Moose Lake Small Area Plan see: Proposed Development.

 The Carlton County Economic Development Authority (EDA) objectives are to develop, encourage, promote and protect the business interests of the Carlton County area; to encourage the development of the county's employment base; and to provide centralized services for the Local Development Corporations (LDC's) and Developers.

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for please contact us at 218-384-9597. The EDA acts in an advisory capacity only to the County Board of Commissioners.